Best Room Creating Good Feng Shui in Baby’s Room

Wednesday, March 4th, 2020 - Cute Room Decor

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Best Room – Preparing a newborn takes a lot of thought and planning, from the diapers the baby wears to the decorating and decorating the nursery. Today’s parents want to create a shelter for their baby that helps babies feel comforted, cared for, and stimulated enough to develop. Over time, parents go beyond coordinated traditional “themed” spaces to ensure that babies have a healthy environment by incorporating Feng Shui.

Feng Shui, a Chinese arrangement and placement system that is widely used in businesses and homes, is now entering kindergartens for a reason. Feng Shui suggests that with the correct arrangement and orientation of the room, the energy in the room flows better and that everything in the room develops and thrives better than if the energy in the room is wrong or does not flow smoothly. Understandably, no one needs to develop and thrive more than a baby.

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In order to maximize the energy in the nursery, some important factors must be considered, e.g. B. Room position, security, color and arrangement of the furniture. Using Feng Shui in the nursery helps make babies less fussy, more comfortable, healthier, and developing in their environment. What does it take to achieve this? Following some basic considerations will help babies and parents create a space that makes them both happy.

Choose a good place for the baby room. Newborns must have a bedroom that is not above the garage or an empty space below. The bedroom should also not be in places where there are excessive noises that may not let the baby sleep, e.g. B. near the living room where the TV is on, or near noisy streets or neighbors.

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The placement of the bed is important. The bed should not be facing the window or directly parallel to the door. Place the baby on a stable wall with the cradle head against the wall instead of stretching. Make sure the baby is not sleeping or standing on a sloping wall. This is the baby press. Do not place babies against a wall that is shared with a bathroom, toilet, storage room, or utility room.

Choose a soothing color. Children benefit from bright colors in the play area, but when used in the nursery, babies can be over-stimulated so that they don’t rest well. Because deep growth in infants is required for healthy growth, choose colors that are calm and noiseless. White is very good for children, but avoid black-and-white color schemes as there is too much contrast. Choose a color palette that is close together and harmonious, e.g. B. green and blue, white and beige or pink and yellow.

Make gentle movements in the room. The rooms are too quiet and this does not have a positive effect on the child’s growth. To create a beautiful and gentle energy and movement, hang your mobile phone near the window to move gently in the wind and play soft music indoors. You can also place a small fan on the dressing table in a low position to keep the air moving in the room. Avoid placing babies under a ceiling fan as this disrupts their body’s energy.

Watch out for sharp objects. Make sure that no hard corners from the dressing table or changing table point to the baby’s head or body. Move them to other parts of the room where they don’t point to the bed.

Choose your design carefully. Make sure the design doesn’t have any rough dots like arrows, crosses, diamonds or triangles. Natural design is very good and promotes growth. Animal motifs must also be carefully selected. Wild or aggressive animals should not be selected, even if they are made for kindergarten. Some of these can be found in forest motif designs and include lions, tigers, bears and reptiles. The motifs with fish are good as long as the watery theme is not too dominant. If not, breathing, lung, nose or kidney problems can occur.

Provide balanced lighting. During the day, the light in the children’s room should not be too bright or too dark. Install curtains that can be raised or lowered as needed to keep the room at a comfortable lighting level. If the room is too bright, the baby will not rest deeply. If it is too dark, the room is too “yin” and the baby cannot develop or have breathing problems.

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