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Saturday, March 7th, 2020 - Cute Room Decor

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Dorm Room – Typical dormitories are not comfortable at all. Most are described as more prison cells than anywhere where knowledge can be cultivated and grown.

The purpose of Feng Shui is to create the best possible environment for us to surround ourselves. For a student, they are far ahead of the curve if their environment is optimally organized, which promotes learning and success! Start your education by adding a bit of Feng Shui magic to the place where you will spend most of your time in the next few years!

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Follow these simple Feng Shui tips for renovating the Feng Shui dormitory!

  1. Start with a clean board!
    Clean every inch of the new space and start over. Free up space and remove the negative energy that others leave behind by opening windows, letting fresh air in and lighting some incense or playing sound or music to clean the room! If you can’t light the sage, take 4 small bowls and put the sage or rock salt in it and place it in the four corners of your room to keep your room clear and calm. Change them once a month if possible.
  2. Color can be therapeutic!
    If you have the choice to paint the room or the accessory, choose the color carefully. If you can choose the color of your personal success (see our article tab on our website) or choose a color that will help you achieve what you want.

Green stands for personal growth, prosperity, clarity and energy. Red for energy, fame and prestige, blues and black for wisdom and personal career, white, gray and metal for intelligence and learning. Avoid using silky-soft browns or yellows, as these colors, although grounded, can slow down the energy that surrounds you. However, you add yellow and orange if you feel slow and your health is not ideal. If you can’t paint your walls, use these colors for accessories or works of art.

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  1. Sleep in peace!
    Make sure your headrests are attached to solid walls if there are windows with thick curtains hanging on them and thick curtains that can be closed at night. Make sure you can see the door when you are in bed.
  2. Let the energy flow!
    Chaos is the biggest problem in Feng Shui. Keep things neat and orderly so that your mind is neat and orderly. Use organizers and bookshelves to keep clutter to a minimum. When you enter your room, the room should feel clear and not cluttered, a good place to study, meditate, or rest.
  3. Ideal table placement
    If you have the luxury – your desk should be placed in the northeast corner of the room – an area related to knowledge. Keep it neat and make sure you have a desk lamp for easy learning.
  4. Relationships – part of the experience
    Do you want to improve your social life? Add light (great night lights!) In the southwest corner of your room – this will help your social life move! If it is too full – turn off the light!
  5. Poison arrows
    Sharp points that point directly at you when you sleep can ruin all your good efforts. They are difficult to avoid in a small room. If you have a bookcase or table with the corner facing your bed, make it softer by putting child protection on the end! Cheap and quick repairs!
  6. Switch off
    Quiet is very important and often difficult when you live in a dormitory. Try to close or close the TV or computer equipment at night to ensure the goods are asleep.

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