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Tuesday, March 10th, 2020 - Cute Room Decor

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Laundry Room Decor – Chakra is the energy vortex in the subtle body. The etheric body is the first layer in our aura and closest to our body’s energy system. A healthy chakra keeps mind, body and soul in harmony. The closed chakra, caused by a blockage of energy, be it emotional or spiritual, creates disharmony, which makes the chakra excessive or absent. This leads to lethargy and disorientation and ultimately to physical illnesses.

Come on, chakra and our home design!

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We are connected to the universe through our astral body and chakras, which give our energy to a change that envelops us as a whole. Our home is an expansion of our energy, so you are a happy home that is happy !! Let us integrate the chakra in our homes in such a way that we understand and connect it.

Root or base chakra is associated with stability and survival and regulates the kitchen, toilet. We defend ourselves in the kitchen so that a clean, bright and happy atmosphere makes the chakra happy. An antique Indian sideboard or manjoosh made of old wood is perfect as an island where your family will accompany you while cooking your favorite food. The tree of life nourishes wood and earthy colors from carved vintage barn doors for kitchens and nourishes us. Decorate with fresh fruits and flowers and preserve the source. In this chakra all energy is also removed from our body so that the toilet must not have any leaks or problems because it uses energy. An old door console made of antique doors, adorned with iron and brass, which turns into a bathroom cabinet that offers a grounding element. Decorate with broad-leaved plants and wooden planters.

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The sacral chakra is connected to the center of creativity and can be your additional place where you paint or write blogs. Orange, fiery red, rust-red pearl wallpaper, which hung on carved old wooden coats, gave the aura of creative energy. Accentuate with a sheer sari curtain and throw a pillow and feel the flowing creative juice.

The solar plexus chakra is our personal will, our social connection and regulates our emotions and discipline. The family room and the laundry room are connected to this chakra. Do you feel happy and connected when you are sitting or isolated in the living room? An artfully carved vintage cabinet in ocher yellow or a distressed yellow wooden coffee table bring new energy. My friend beautifully decorated her laundry room with an antique Indian cabinet in which laundry and cleaning agents were kept – a practical and nice statement!

The heart chakra symbolizes love and affection and I immediately connect it to the green that spreads out in my house. The bedroom is a zone for the heart chakra and the divine love seat. Beautiful antique doors make up the head of a beautiful bed, door panels hang on both sides and give a versatile touch. The beautiful carved console makes a unique bedside table and the bed is soft and beautiful, pashmina, blanket, gives the impression of luxury and luxury.

Energy flows from one room to the other through a free corridor and the neck chakra regulates communication. Clean your hallway and your workspace or computer area connected to this chakra. We are connected to the world via the Internet, but the electromagnetic charge around us disturbs our energy field. This content is removed and balanced by grounding the old door study table so that we can speak in a cheerful and concise medium. The blue carved hall table and the turquoise-colored vintage cabinet also enliven this chakra.

The Ajna or Third Eye Chakra is the parent chakra that balances all other chakras, but is only open when all other chakras are balanced. Wisdom and intuition and connected to the Ajna Chakra Source are your sacred space or your meditation space in which you are connected to your inner self. The fullness in all aspects of life is determined by this chakra and purple is the color that resonates with it. Yantra and the divine statues of Shiva, Ganesha and Durga increase the vibrations of this room.

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