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Room Shelves – With so many types of shelves and bookshelves on the market today, many people are unsure which is better and why. Here we see the advantages and disadvantages of wooden shelves and glass shelves and also when one is better than the other.

wooden shelves

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Almost all wooden shelves sold today are actually not real wood. Today’s wooden shelves are usually made from cheaper solid wood or plywood (sometimes referred to as “wood-based material”) and are then finished with a finish, color, or veneer. These shelves are significantly cheaper than real wood and often lighter and stronger than real wood. The best of these shelves are covered with veneers, which are thin sheets of real wood. When used professionally, veneers give the impression of real wood shelves, even though the core is not real wood. These shelves are not only cheaper, but are also increasingly being made from recycled materials. This is how they save trees and at the same time protect the environment.

As good as plywood, not the same as real wood shelves. If you really want the most beautiful and richest color of wood, a real wood shelf is the only way, but be prepared to pay for it!

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glass shelf

Glass frames are not all the same. Just like wood, you need to know what type of frame is made to know what you are buying. If you are looking for glass shelves, you should be concerned that you will get a frame that does not, or only slightly, break. Most glass breaks when it falls, but tempered glass is designed to not break into millions of tiny pieces. It is also less likely to crack or break when tapped. If the glass is reinforced with heat, it is about twice as strong as ordinary glass (annealed).

Thickness is also an important element in determining shelf strength. Standard thick glass shelves can be slightly thicker than thinner glass shelves. The glass shelf must have an assessment of the permissible weight on the shelf. Ask carefully about this before buying.

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