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Square Room – The bedroom is a place of rest and peace. The human body needs at least 7 hours of sleep and this space is intended for this purpose. There are special requirements so that the person can rest and the feng shui method can be used to design this room.

Simple interior design requirements. The energy in the room must flow smoothly and evenly. This means that the obstacles on the floor and in the room above must be removed. What other requirements?

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  1. Bedroom size:
    How big is the room in which 2 people can sleep? The correct size is 10 m² to a maximum of 20 m². If the room becomes too large, the energy will not flow properly. Therefore, a large room feels empty. It has no comfort or warmth.

In some countries, the room is only large enough to fit a small double bed. That is the economy of the situation. We have to maximize what we have.

2.Space shape:
The preferred shape is regular – either square or rectangular. With a regular shape, the energy can flow smoothly and evenly. There is no distinctive angle for negotiating or reversing energy. If there is an irregular shape like “L”, the energy cannot be properly distributed, let alone flow evenly. Second, there is the problem that “Shar’s energy” comes from a prominent corner of the room. This energy is not good and the person will not benefit from it.

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  1. Drawer and cabinet units:
    Try to position these units so that the overall shape of the room is organized (either square or rectangular). Place the cabinet so that the edges do not face the sleeping body. Likewise the drawer unit and the dressing table.

This is the application of common sense in bedroom designs. The rules are simple and when applied, they are effective. The bottom line is that you sleep better. This is important.

Feng Shui is a Chinese land management system that developed with the rise of Chinese civilization over 40 centuries ago. The system understands the flow of energy both temporally and spatially. This energy is used to create living spaces (houses, buildings, cities and communities) that enable people to behave appropriately to achieve better health, prosperity and happiness.

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