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Study Room – With the enrichment of education and technology, the pace of learning has changed and is advancing. The skills now required not only include good grades, but also require practical knowledge by improving students’ intellectual skills. Now, in a competitive environment, individuals must take an open approach, practical facts, and clear concepts. This can also be achieved quickly by learning in groups. While studying in a room and memorizing the curriculum, you can be smart but not improve your brain talent.

When you learn in groups and discuss different topics, you learn from different interpretations and explanations. Several advantages have been found in group studies, although each coin has two sides that cannot be ignored. So let’s discuss the pros and cons.

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Advantages of the group study:

Better learning and understanding:
In group learning, students share their topics and themes for further discussion, allowing them to learn deeply from different sources. This learning method ensures deep expertise and cross-questions with explanations that enable better learning and understanding.

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Improved group discussion and communication skills:
In a group, each student is given the same opportunity to expand their knowledge, presentations and opinions on a specific topic with the team members. This exercise helps students return to their introverted nature and develop group discussion and communication skills.

Bring consistency to your studies:
In group studies, each team member must adhere to certain times, topics and subjects that shape the research on a regular basis and avoid delays.

More imaginative, reliable and productive:
When working in the team, it turned out that he was working harder to ensure the quality of the results. In addition, more team members mean more resources to learn and more ideas to explore. In this case, if someone skips work for any reason, research will continue with the support of other members. This shows that group studies are more imaginative, reliable, and productive.

Exchange of quality information:
Each team member has different opinions, suggestions, and ideas that are thoroughly examined and discussed before statements are made. This promotes smooth and easy communication within the group to ensure the exchange of information by maintaining quality.

New approaches, methods and perspectives:
The team members of the group have their own perspectives, which represent new approaches and introduce alternative study methods. This creates an energetic learning environment that motivates students to learn hard and understand what is best according to their own approach.

Increase confidence
Practical studies, presentations, analyzes, explanations that regularly develop an open approach that strengthens self-confidence. Because self-confidence increases by increasing an individual’s knowledge and skills.

We analyzed that study groups have different advantages in their own way. This makes the group study successful, but is subject to discipline, order, rules and regulations. If this fails, it causes damage that is caused.

  1. Unnecessary conversations and gossip:

It is difficult to create a learning environment, discipline and focus without the involvement of a mentor. In groups, a fun little topic can last for hours and students can enjoy unnecessary gossip. In this situation, it is advisable for students to limit themselves to self-discipline and to form groups for research purposes only.

2nd deadline:

If you need to study in groups, you need to plan your time like you would with other team members. Sometimes it’s good because it tidies up, while sometimes it’s very difficult to coordinate time with others.

  1. Interference:

Some group members can cause interference in one or more forms that can also interfere with other members. This situation can be overcome by allocating time to study, or by eliminating a number of criminal causes to explain the most difficult part of this chapter.

  1. Contradictory topics

Each team member has their own understanding and learning style, which may not be suitable for others. Sometimes it is difficult to accept the ideas and suggestions of others that can lead to internal or external conflicts between members.

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