Creative Ways to Add Colors to Your Home Decor Theme Room

Tuesday, March 10th, 2020 - Cute Room Decor

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Theme Room – Are you afraid of color because you are afraid of color? Color is an effective way to present personality and create a focus in your living space. The unexpected use of color speaks volumes about your personal style and also characterizes your home.

Decorating your room in terms of color doesn’t have to be a challenge. It’s actually as simple as 60-30-10. If you see some examples of spaces in a designer portfolio or magazine, you will confirm that this is true – most spaces are always divided into percentages from 60-30-10. Why is that? This is because humanity tends to see the whole topic in color, 60%, unifying colors, followed by 30%, which require visual interest, while the remaining 10% add a little spark.

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If you are dealing with your home decor, you have to divide it into this percentage:

10% of the accent color
30% of the secondary color
60% dominant color
Here are some creative ways to add color to your home decor:

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  1. Use color to get emotional

Everyone associates color with something they represent. For example, red can represent warmth, yellow; Sun, blue; Sea and air and green often symbolize trees. In general, all of this is seen as an emotional response to color compared to an intellectual response. Therefore, you can use emotional associations to achieve the greatest effect in the room. You can do this by determining the emotional impact you want in a room. Do you want to live? In this case, yellow and red are the ideal choice. Do you want to calm down If so, chocolate and blues are the best.

It is very important to note that the colors you have approved must reflect the activities carried out in the room. For example, if you take a break, e.g. B. in a family room or bedroom, you have to be satisfied with darker color values ​​that are related to calm, e.g. B. Brown, blue and green.

  1. Consider the contrast

Rooms with high contrast always appear clearer than rooms with low contrast. A high-contrast room is a room that uses the values ​​of dark and light colors in combination with light gold. In contrast, rooms with low contrast use sage green with saffron yellow. The golden rule is to use a high contrast to increase the formality and high contrast color of your room and to introduce calming properties.

When paired, white and black look formal. They are not like tuxedo. The combination of black and white is less than the color value and reduces or increases the light more. However, white with beige offers a low contrast with a feeling of calm at the same time. By combining black and white with gray, you can enjoy a reserved atmosphere and create a quiet space.

  1. Flow with color

So you can create a color flow from one room to another. All you have to do is select the color you use in one room and then specify it differently in the adjacent room. For example, is your sofa green? You can use green cloth for the same chair in your dining room. Use colors less and less when you move around the house. The green color already mentioned for the living room sofa also applies to the lampshades in your living room. You can also put the mat in the kitchen.

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